$1.67 a Day

Last night I used a Jamba Juice $5 gift card I had received to treat myself to a smoothie. I still had to come out of pocket another 38 cents for their small size. It got me wondering how much some other popular beverages cost that I also don’t buy very often if at all: (prices may vary and are used only as estimates)

Starbucks Caffe Mocha Tall – $3.35

Jamba Juice Smoothie Small – $5.38

Draft A & W Root Beer Small – $1.97

Sonic Hand-Mixed Classic Shake – $3.07

5 Hour Energy 2 oz. – $2.34

Rockstar Energy Drink 16 oz. – $1.90

There is no question in my mind that Kyäni Sunrise is vastly better for one’s health than any of the above products. And about $1.67 per day (Customer price for 1 oz. packets, does not include tax & shipping), it is clearly a bargain.

Almost everyone can find $1.67 a day that you are already spending on something you don’t really need.

Try it!