Kyäni Team Legacy resulted from the understanding that it is possible to build a business with Kyäni that can become a family legacy, lasting for decades. I’ve worked with dozens of Kyäni Independent Distributors since enrolling in August 2010 and this website represents some of my thoughts about building a Kyäni business.

For product information or details about enrolling as a Customer or Kyäni Independent Distributor on Kyäni Team Legacy, please go to Kent Vorkink, Kyäni Independent Distributor #274783 or go to the Enroll page on this site. I am solely responsible for the content on this site.


Kent Vorkink

Kent Vorkink

Kent is the founder, strategist, trainer, blogger, webmaster, and broadcaster for Kyäni Team Legacy. He earned a BS in Accounting from BYU and spent many years in the mortgage industry before moving from West Los Angeles to Orem, Utah in 1995. Kent has worked as an officer on the corporate side of two nutritional supplement companies that utilized network marketing to sell their products and brings a unique perspective to Kyäni Team Legacy.  Married to Dr. GeriLynn Vorkink (also a Kyäni Distributor), Kent’s four (of six) oldest children are Independent Kyäni Distributors, as well as his mother Patricia Sheranian, brothers Mark & Tim Vorkink, and uncle Dan Hucks.

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