Driving A Dream Car

In 2012 Pat Sheranian purchased her Audi A4 with a down payment from Kyäni.  To be completely candid, Pat is more of a Cadillac person than a European Luxury Sports Car person and after just a few weeks she suggested that perhaps I would like to drive the A4 on a regular basis. It was a […]

Invest in the Future!

As I’ve gotten older and have had the opportunity of watching as communities grow, it’s been fascinating to see how property that was once on the outskirts of town is gradually engulfed by development. Often it is farmers or land speculators that bought this land for just pennies on the dollar of what they can […]

Creating a Legacy with Kyäni

Most of us desire to provide our descendants with every advantage we can possibly afford. Yet, in our turbulent economic times there are fewer and fewer people who have an “estate” worth enough to provide any real assistance to their loved ones. This is just one reason that a company like Kyäni appeals to so many seniors. When faced with […]