Creating a Legacy with Kyäni

Most of us desire to provide our descendants with every advantage we can possibly afford. Yet, in our turbulent economic times there are fewer and fewer people who have an “estate” worth enough to provide any real assistance to their loved ones. This is just one reason that a company like Kyäni appeals to so many seniors.

When faced with the decision of enrolling in Kyäni as a customer or distributor, many seniors are opting for the latter, not only for the cost savings, but with the idea that they will build an income stream/business that they can transfer to family members at some point in the future. There are few businesses that most seniors would attempt to start, partly due to the high start up costs and partly due to their waning energy or lack of desire to jump into competitive business. Becoming a Kyäni Independent Distributor is a good alternative to starting a traditional business because there are hardly any start-up costs and each distributor chooses how much time they devote to their business.

Seniors can do extremely well in Kyäni for a several reasons:

1) They typically have more health issues than younger people and have a greater apparent need for Kyäni’s products. Of course, that means that they are also more likely to see an improvement in their health, which is a personal story they can share with others.

2) Most seniors have many, many friends and acquaintances whom they have developed over the years with whom they can share their Kyäni story.

3) One of the benefits of age is typically increased wisdom, and seniors are more apt to appropriately approach their contacts with tact and diplomacy, as a friend rather than a salesperson.

It’s not difficult to imagine your Kyäni business thriving for decades to come, with you having done the “heavy lifting” so that your loved ones can continue to reap the benefits, both of better health and additional income.