Invest in the Future!

As I’ve gotten older and have had the opportunity of watching as communities grow, it’s been fascinating to see how property that was once on the outskirts of town is gradually engulfed by development. Often it is farmers or land speculators that bought this land for just pennies on the dollar of what they can sell it for 5, 10 or 30 years later. There is a wonderful irony in the story of the hardworking farmer who spends his life eking out a living and then sells his acreage in his old age for millions. And it’s amazing how much patience some of these landowners have, choosing to wait until others have sold or developed the surrounding properties, which results in a much higher value for their own property.

This same principle is found in other types of investments, like stocks and bonds. Buy now and hold on to them for years and hope their value soars. Not everyone wins with this approach, but it makes enough sense that many people put it into practice.

I’ve come to realize that in some ways the Kyäni opportunity is similar to these long-term investments. Companies that sell via network marketing have been around and profitable for several decades and many are still paying off for those who continued to work their business over the long haul. To me it helps to view the Kyäni opportunity in such a light: investing in the future.

It’s really not that hard to do. First, you have to like the product enough to use it for years and years. Thank goodness Kyäni tastes good! Second, you have to try and get others to see things your way, to use the product or to invest in their own future income stream. Taking the long view helps to reduce any undue stress or pressure that we might put on ourselves to make our business an overnight success. Patience, grasshopper.

I truly believe that Kyäni management and the cadre of Independent Distributors will continue to grow this company until it ranks with the best of the best. I’m glad that I love the product and have the patience to run my business while doing my part to add to that success.