Re-believing in Kyäni

Triangle of HealthOne of the most important aspects of success in Kyäni, both at the user and distributor level, is the belief that Kyäni is good for you. So how is it that people who once believed in Kyäni find it difficult to do so now?

1) They stopped doing. They cut back on their product usage. They stopped telling people about Kyäni.

2) They believed that using Kyäni’s products would yield the same wonderful health benefits in everyone. They believed that everyone would want to join Kyäni. They believed that everyone who joined Kyäni would become successful. They were disappointed.

They decided Kyäni wasn’t the answer for them. A few might find success in another company; most won’t. The reason is that they will likely find themselves in the same situation again. Success takes a commitment, an unflinching belief in oneself and the company’s products.

How to re-believe in Kyäni? It’s simple:

1) Start doing again. Take the products, as directed. Believe in the science. Believe in your own improved health. Tell people about Kyäni. Carry business cards and brochures. Attend meetings. Study and learn about the products, the compensation plan, the company.

2) Recognize that some people will receive more immediate health benefits from Kyäni than others. Understand that some people are ready for the Kyäni opportunity and most are not.

Belief starts with a decision and grows as take actions that support the belief.  Recommit yourself to success and don’t be disappointed when the road is hard. If it were easy it wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment and the reward would be meager.